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Australian Communications Consumer Action Network

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ACCAN Goals and Activities

   1. Improved accessibility, affordability and availability of communications services to all consumers;

   2. Better informed consumers with access to Australian information and communications technology resources;

   3. A strong, co-ordinated voice which uses our diversity as a point of strength for communications consumers, nationally and internationally;

   4. Effective advocacy for consumers to Government, regulators and the industry in the development of policy, legislation and industry practices;

   5. Inclusive consultation with stakeholders to identify areas and priorities for industry and/or regulatory responses;

   6. Robust research to support evidence based policy development and consumer education programs;

   7. Meaningful participation in regulatory and co-regulatory activities including industry codes, standards and guidelines

   8. Outreach, campaigns and activities that involve consumers in the communications arena

   9. Enhanced capacity for consumer representatives through information seminars, training and international engagement

  10. Openness, transparency and inclusion of all parties interested in representing consumers on communications issues



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