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About Us

When Surveillance practices emerge, who mobilizes against them, how, and with what effect?

This website is not about all the people who self-identify as privacy advocates. It is rather about those individuals and groups that have emerged from civil society, spontaneously and without official sanction: civil society groups and non-for-profit organizations, rather than about those within the state or the corporate sector. This website is intended to facilitate communication between these groups, researchers and other people in the wider community. If you are interested in official data protection agencies visit Privacy Laws & Business where you will be able to find relevant information.

The idea for this website originated from Professor Colin Bennett's latest book The Privacy Advocates: Resisting the Spread of Surveillance. While conducting this research, the lack of awareness and communication between the world’s privacy advocates became apparent.

This is the first comprehensive website to examine privacy and data protection from the perspective of civil society, rather than from that of law or technology.